Does the lid on your centrifuge fall shut ?

If the answer to this question is yes then it is probably time that you changed the lid struts which holds the lid of your centrifuge upright.

The lid struts should be checked to ensure they are effective in preventing the lid from falling onto the end users hands or head when loading and unloading the centrifuge.

A good rule to follow is if the lid of your centrifuge holds at a 45 degree angle then the strut is doing its job. If it falls when put at a greater angle than 45 degrees then it is probably a good time to get the strut or struts changed.

Most mid range benchtop centrifuges will probably have one strut and larger benchtop centrifuges will have two struts. Below is a picture of a centrifuge that has two struts:-

Is it easy to change a lid strut? It depends which model of centrifuge you have in the lab.  Some models are very straight forward and others are a little more complex.